VanCram was founded in Italy in 1987 and moved to Spain in 1994, where it established itself as a lighting design firm for museums, shows and events. From its start, it offers its services in Europe, and has produced projects throughout Africa, South America, USA and the Middle East.

VanCram is an independent firm and its does not work for any commercial trade mark in particular. The materials chosen are in direct correlation with our clients needs. No commercial interests are conditioned by outside companies.
  • Lighting design for shows
  • Technical management for art collections and museums (light, sound, audiovisuals)
  • Technical advising egarding preventive illumination of art collections, museums and photosensitive materials
  • Design, production and sales of special lighting fixtures with led technology for art and architecture
  • Lighting design for museums and exhibits
  • Technical management for theater and dance companies y danza, tours, festivals, special and business events
  • Technical advice for artistic and theatrical creation and for special and decorative lighting in architectural design
  • Teaching of museum lighting and preventive conservation of artworks and photosensitive materials
  • From 2008 VanCram is member of Surescena, Business and Scenic Designers Association of Andalusia
  • From 2010 VanCram is member of APME, Spanish Professional Museology Association
  • From 2014 VanCram management has been invited to be part of the founding members of the Academy of Performing Arts of Spain
  • From 2016 VanCram is part of Authors Lighting Association (AAI)