“Arena” premiere at Bienal de Flamenco – Sevilla

Cía Israel Galván

lighting design

As Bergamín did, Israel Galván matters about proportion, geometry, time, number: a way of abstracting of the most immediate meanings of blood, tradition and typical scenery. It is not about the essence of bullfighting, it is about its function. It is about how bullfighting works and how flamenco dance can take advantage of it – with new parameters.

This does not mean he renounces to express the most significant concepts of the bullfighting. Death cannot be eluded: violence, danger, courage, pain, color… the task of Israel Galván deals directly with the meaning of bullfighting, presenting the representation of death in a celebratory way.

Pedro G. Romero

‘Arena’ is the show of the international explosion of Israel Galván. With this show, he won the “National Dancing Award, 2014” in the artistic creation category.

Photo: Félix Vázquez, Diego García