“Argentina. Lands of contrasts.” – Cité du Vin – Bordeaux

NewMedia Creative Technology Studio

lighting design and production in collaboration with Don Lucero

“Argentina. Lands of contrasts.” is a tour through the six wine regions of the country, an exhibition held on an area of 750 square meters at the museum La Cité du Vin, in Bordeaux. During the tour, visitors can enjoy sculptures, projections, 3D mapping as well as interactive installations, a mix of technology and design that leads them through a magnificent journey around the country and its culture, including gastronomy and wine production.

Vancram has collaborated closely with Don Lucero in the design and production of lighting for this temporary exhibition designed by NewMedia Creative Technology Studio.

COMMISSIONED by Argentina’s Secretariat of Tourism and supported by the National Institute for the Promotion of Tourism (INPROTUR)

Photo: NewMedia Creative Technology Studio