Atalaya Terrace – Torre Sevilla

BGL Audiovisual - Plan B

Development of mechanical and optical engineering, lighting design and programming


Bonadei and Grassia VanCram has developed its own engineering system for the artistic lighting of the Eurostars hotel viewpoint at the top of Seville Tower, and has programmed the lighting show that goes on at the interior of the terrace and also lights up the exterior rings, turning the skyscraper in a visual attraction that illuminates the sky of Seville.

With a large investment between La Caixa and the Hotusa Group, the existing lighting system has been updated through a series of synchronized systems that illuminate the viewpoint with different colors and with a number of distinct movements, depending on the celebration. For this purpose, an “ad hoc” system has been developed using intelligent chromatic technology, attending to criteria such as energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in its management as well as the maintenance.


COMMISSIONED by CaixaBank and Eurostars Hotel 5*