BEE Zoom 4º-9º Special Edition

By Logical Bulb Co

design, prototyping and first production

Custom designed for the lighting project of the Istanbul Archaeological Museum (in progress), the zoom optical body 4º> 9º adds a powerful tool to the BEE platform.

It is designed to illuminate with a very precise light beam objects of small size from long distances without any loss of intensity.

The range of the concentrated light beam is surprising, making possible to illuminate accurately objects that are more than 10 meters away from the focus position.

The adjustment of the beam is manual and immediate by the smooth rotation of the body lenses. The functionality of the optics reminds the shape of a photo camera; the lens used is a glass convex plane, which gives an uniform ‘field’ and soft edges.

This optics solves very satisfactorily the common problem of narrow-beam LED spotlights: halos and unwanted light leaks. The beam produced is clean and regular.

The optical body is easily mounted on any BEE platform, and it can be added to any existing BEE focus, making it possible to increase its functionality without having to buy a new body.

Photo: Isabel Delgado

BEE 4-9º