BEE modular led light 25-50W

By Logical Bulb Co

design, prototyping and first production

It was born as an original custom design for the valorization of the Phoenician ‘Gadir’ site in Cadiz; its design makes it interesting for interior and commercial uses, as well as expository. BEE is a ‘focus without focus’, in which the essential parts constitute almost all of its mass and weight.

It is a precision luminaire that sublimates the size / performance ratio; the ‘twist and lock’ system allows the change of the illuminating module and optical body immediately and without tools. Thus the same focus can give very different benefits in time and space, giving the possibility to choose the beam and the color temperature in the same assembly process, without need of prior definition.

BEE is a focus designed to last and to be economically and ecologically sustainable: in case of a breakdown, the user only changes the faulty part while retaining the rest of the device, unlike most luminaires of the same class in which the entire shell i discarded. In this way BEE is economical and eco-sustainable.

It is available in two power systems, with a low platform, up to 25W and with a high platform, up to 50W, and it can be customized in a wide range of colors.

The Italian company Spotlight is currently licensed to commercialize this focus.

Photo: Isabel Delgado