‘Caballeros en la mar’ Narrative-pictorial musical show. Monasterio de Uclés – Cuenca

Monasterio de Uclés

lighting design for the exhibition and realization for the dinner show

Under the artistic direction of David Pérez and sponsored by Fernando Núñez, Vancram has carried out the lighting design for the exhibition and the narrative-pictorial musical show “Caballeros en la Mar” which took place this November at the Monastery of Uclés, in the city of Cuenca.

This show pays a well-deserved tribute to the knights of the Order of Santiago, who sailed the seas in different missions, including the First Round-the-world Voyage by Fernando de Magallanes and Juan Sebastián Elcano, of which this year marks the V Centenary.

This unique event includes a chamber concert based on the Renaissance music of the 16th century, a staging that incorporates an audiovisual intervention of the space with a dramatized script, as well as a dinner for the guests, all of it framed in a space with over 200 drawings designed “ad hoc” by illustrator Ana Yedros.

The lighting design reinforces the emotions of theFirst Round-the-world Voyage and accompanies them throughout different moments, some of them with great rhythmic intensity and some others full of calm and spirituality, serving as a guide through the different situations that were experienced in this long journey through the seas.

COMMISSIONED by Monasterio de Uclés

Sponsored by Fernando Núñez

Design by David Pérez

Photo: Jesús Varillas @jvarillas

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