Exhibition ‘Marco y luz en constante cambio’ – Monastery of Uclés – Cuenca

Fundación Fernando Nuñez – Monasterio de Uclés

lighting design and realisation and lighting equipment suppy

The exhibition ‘Marco y Luz en constante cambio’ is one of the proposals included within the project, MDU_Renacimiento, which was presented last September by Fernando Núñez  president of the Fernando Nuñez Foundation and the director of the exhibition, the designer David Pérez.

“The MDU_Renacimiento project will include shows, courses, conferences, gastronomy and temporary exhibitions such as the newly created ‘Marco y Luz in constant change’. An exhibition that will provide an immersive experience through the windows and balconies of the monastery itself, to make different aspects related to the architecture and history of the building known in a different way. In this form, its openings will become a frame and at the same time, a border, a space that is the entrance of light and air, but at the same time the exit of voice and music, becoming places to observe and be observed.”

Source: El día digital

Photo: Jesús Varillas @jvarillas