FLUM Micro modular led light 1-2-3W

By Logical Bulb Co

design, prototyping and first production

FLUM Micro enriches the FLUM line with an even more compact version of the fixture, which extends the range of use to applications other than expository.

This version of FLUM is specially designed for steady installations where it is not necessary to often modify the focusing, as well as for architectural and residential lighting, where the smaller size serves to make the presence of the focus more discreet in a low-ceiling environment.

FLUM Micro is custom designed in 2014 for the lighting project of a private residence in Seville. However, its ‘Micro’ size is also appreciated for exhibition uses, specially for internal installations in showcases. Due to this characteristic, it is proposed for the remodeling of the National Archaeological Museum of Istanbul for the internal lighting of the large showcases of the permanent collection. The base in aluminum becomes smaller making the fixture an even more discreet object.

In this version the locking of the head during the focusing is carried out by means of two small invisible screws. FLUM Micro maintains the head and the essential parts of the original version: the copper heatsink and the quality of led and the emitted light, as well as the possibility of mounting different optics and the replacement of the led in case of failure or change of use. This fixture can be customized in any color requested, adding another interest to its use for interior design.

Photo: Isabel Delgado