“La muerte de un minotauro” by Rubén del Olmo – Festival de Itálica – Seville

Endirecto FT-As. Flamenco en el Mundo

lighting design

It is worth highlighting the risky conceptualism of the scenography and the magnificent lighting with which the labyrinth is represented. And the percussion of Agustín Diassera and Alejandro Cruz is also a luxury, as well as the flamenco guitar of Pau Vallet that elevates the emotional power of the solea and seguiriya to the highest level. And if all that was not enough, in the last part, how could it be otherwise, Rubén, wearing a bata de cola without ruffles, immerses himself in the Tavorian universe and at the stroke of a knocker summons the Band of the Three Falls to let him interpret for him, in the final scene, a paso doble that charges the monster’s sacrifice with solemnity. A brilliant show worthy of a festival that, like the one in Itálica, has been committed for more than twenty-five years to make the latest trends in international contemporary dance known in our city.

Source: www.elcorreoweb.es

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