“La pasión según se mire” Premiere – Jerez Festival

Cía Andrés Marín

lighting design and technical coordination

” Passion for Andrés Marín is an open opera. It stays away from any topical view,  nor does it represent it nor dramatize it. This opera just allows the public to experience it, inviting the viewers to share it through its force  generated by the dance: it is more about feeling  the passion than telling about it. ”

Jean François Carcelén

“If the “tangos de La Niña” in the efficient voice of Pepe de Pura are danced on a lit stage -excellent work by Ada Bonadei- as a sort of bullring following the rhythm of pasodoble’s tuba by José Miguel Sanz, Marin enters in the disputed territory of the“cofrade” Passion as  a “nazareno, costalero and capataz”, following the tune of Amargura de Font de Anta. ”

Source: Diario de Jerez

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Photo: M. Ángel González, Daniel Muñoz, Luis Castilla