“Luces y Sombras” and “Generaciones”

Centro Andaluz de Danza - Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales

lighting design and realization

As a result of the work carried out during the course 2016-2017, the Andalusian Dance Center staged the final Workshop “Lights and Shadows / Generations”.

The show is divided in two parts, the first one is composed of two pieces “Kosmos” by Carolina Armenta with the students of Neoclassical Dance, and “Luces y Sombras”, which comes from the union of choreographic material by Pilar Pérez Calvete, Raúl Heras and Diana Noriega, each piece is the result of moments of fun, of love and dismay, memories of moments lived … or dreamed, framed in a process that goes from light to twilight, to shadow, to wakefulness and back to the light. This year, all the students of Contemporary and Neoclassical Dance participate in this choreography.

The second part, “Generations” is a tribute to outstanding figures of the world of dance such as José Antonio Ruiz, Luisa Triana, Maestro Granero, Matilde Coral, Pilar López and Victoria Eugenia “Betty”, in recognition of their valuable contribution to Spanish dance and its projection in the world. It is a way of spreading their legacy and inspiring the young dancers who did not have the opportunity to see their work.

The shows have taken place in the Teatro Central of Seville and in the Teatro Municipal Muñoz Seca of Puerto de Santa María.