Presentation of Minsait (an Indra Company)

Mac Guffin S.L.

lighting design and realization

“The giant Indra presented last September 20, 2018 its new image as a leading brand in digital transformation LATAM, through a close presentation to its 300 executives, CEOs and managers of the main companies in the country (customers and non-customers of Indra).

(…) A minimalist scenography, with the main focus in lighting, the technology was integrated naturally into the landscape through three robotic LED screens used as moving audiovisual sculptures, evolving in each moment of the presentation along with the speakers, where proximity between public and lecturers prevailed.

“It was a sober, elegant and also magical staging, which began surrounded by the daylight filtering through the large windows of the Desert City;  the sunset light was brought into the scene to take part of the reveal of the new brand identity, submerging us subtly in a world of color with a warm and enveloping lighting design, which connected the formal presentation with the subsequent cocktail in the cactus gardens of Desert City”, says Armando Mauleón, creative director (MacGuffin).”

Source: Mac Guffin