WOW – World of Wine – Oporto – Portugal

Proasur S.L.

lighting design of the "Prata" Museum. Lighting equipment supply for the "Chocolate", "Cork", "Wine" and "Prata" museums

The WOW project (World of Wine) was born in Porto, the wine capital of Portugal. Furthermore than just a series of museums (the Wine, Chocolate, Cork and the museum of the region), this cultural proposal is a whole neighborhood, a district of 35,000 m2, focused on the oenological universe.

Vancram has supplied the lighting equipment for its four museums and, at the request of Proasur SL, has carried out the lighting design for the «Prata» museum: Porto Region Across the Ages, in which the city historical and cultural heritage is explored.

«In centuries old Port wine cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, WOW pays homage to the region, and shines a light on the most important Portuguese industries and traditions. But WOW is more than museums, it is an entire district full of new and exciting things to do, explore, and learn. Six museum experiences, nine restaurants, shops, a temporary exhibition space, an events space and a wine school.»

Source: www.wow.pt

Photo: Ignacio Alcalá