“Ancient Bahrain: The Power of Trade” – Sharjah (EAU)

Boris Micka Associates

lighting design and realization

During the events related to the nomination of Sharjah as capital of Islamic Culture 2014, Sharjah’s Archaeology Museum hosted the exhibition called “Ancient Bahrain: The Power of Trade”.

Consisting of more than one hundred rare artefacts from the collection of Bahrain National Museum, the exhibition was the essence of the cultural connections and common history between UAE and Kingdom of Bahrain through history. The artefacts displayed the echo of 2300 years of trade in Bahrain and the Arabian Gulf.

A dark landscape presented Bahrain through glowing windows that opened into beautiful gardens, sea routes and caravan dessert routes leading to a beautiful rich island.

DESIGN: Boris Micka

COMMISSIONED by Sharjah Archaeology Museum

TOTAL AREA: 140 sqm