“Carmina Burana” in the Uclés Monastery – Cuenca


lighting design, execution project, set up supervision and lighting equipment supply

“The new version of Carmina Burana in Uclés was a sensory experience of the five senses because, although very visual and eminently musical, this new scenographic proposal contemplated sensations and details that stimulated the five senses in a real way during the course of the show: light and color for the sight, visual textures for the touch, the musical part for the hearing, special details for smell and a tasting of wines from Uclés a complete and compact assembly. ”

“As both the theatrical director and the artistic director had advanced, on Saturday night the graphic work, the design of the lighting and the treatment of light and color highlighted especially, adapted to the music that was listened at every moment, so they formed a whole, perfect symbiosis that made the show a compact and coordinated set. ”

Source: Diario de Castilla la Mancha

Design and photo: David Pérez