Diffuse led fixture 3, 5, 7W

By Logical Bulb Co

design, prototyping and first production

This fixture was designed for the lighting of the free showcases of MARQ – IBERO Museum in Monforte del Cid ; it was designed to project very diffuse light over very short distances.

The light field it produces is very long and without precise edges: the union between the fields of two units is quite invisible.

It includes a linear LED that, depending on the power supply, gives a power of 3, 5 or 7 W of light emission. The shape of this focus is as least striking as possible: a round disc supported by two simple rods.

The fixture has no more visible wires than the head wires, since the same holding rods carry the electricity from the base. The length of the arms is changeable, and it can be laid in different positions, vertical (as in MARQ – IBERO photos), on a wall, or hanging.

A matte box with an adjustable position just by turning two screws, allows to cut the light beam up or down, preventing light leakage and making possible a precise cut.

Photo: Isabel Delgado