European Tour “Catedral”

Cía Patricia Guerrero

technical direction and realization of lights

“In this show my dance has been transformed in a natural way. “Cathedral” has been that professional and personal release that I needed to break with the flamenco codes and find a personal language.”

“The sounds of the bells break the darkness of silence. Diffuse light, not concentrated, a transfigured light that transforms space into unreal and symbolic. The color reaches its crucial importance and the voice unites and, interwoven in the compass, it reminds us how the soul searches and flies in an infinite space.”

Giraldillo for Best Show at the Seville Biennial 2016

2 nominations for the 2017 Max Awards – Best Female Dance Performance and Best Costumes

Source: Patricia Guerrero

Photo: Foto: Monty & Óscar Romero & Stefano Procopio