FLUM Pro modular led light 1-2-3W

By Logical Bulb Co

design, prototyping and first production

Designed and tailored to the high technical rigor of the museum exhibition world, FLUM Pro is a micro-focus designed to illuminate highly photo-sensitive and extremely delicate materials. Its first version sees the light in 2005 for the illumination of the Book Museum of the National Library of Madrid where it is still installed.

The passive copper heatsink that constitutes a large part of his body allows to exalt the ratio size / intensity of light emitted, offering unthinkable power for a focus of this size.

Inspired by the versatility of theater lighting, FLUM Pro has a wide range of choices of accessories (lenses, color filters or correction, anti-halo cone …), which also make it an excellent illuminator for decoration, interior architecture or design Spaces.

FLUM Pro has the possibility to change the illuminating source (the led) in case of damage or variation of use, as well as the lens and the amplitude of the emission beam, the color of the led, the position of the bulb in the space (with tracks). All these operations are carried out without any tools and with a single locking command: the user can easily change the parts without the need for specialized personnel.

Thanks to this modular system of change of components FLUM Pro is economical, very durable and eco-sustainable, unlike most luminaries of the same class in which, in case of failure, the entire housing is discarded.

The Italian company Spotlight is currently licensed to commercialize this focus.

Photo: Isabel Delgado