“Getsemani” Lighting workshop at “Lux in Tenebris” Festival – Monastery of Uclés

Fundación Fernando Núñez – Monasterio de Uclés

lighting design, realization of performance and presenter of the workshop

An interdisciplinary workshop has been held for artists and aspiring artists within the ‘Lux in Tenebris’ Festival, developed in 3 modalities: dance, space and light design, and music and sound creation.

More than 200 applicants applied but only 25 were selected among professionals and students of the 3 artistic disciplines. The activity has been developed in the extraordinary Monastery of Uclés, where the participants, researchers and experts have shared the space for a whole week in which the experts of each branch could share their knowledge and experience the tasks of the different specialties at any time, day or night and anywhere in the Monastery, from the basements to the bell tower.

The experts teachers at the workshop were:
Lux in Tenebris | Team Archive – Lux in Tenebris.
David Pérez – space design.
Ada Bonadei – lighting design.
Álvaro Sardina – sound composition.
Erick Jiménez – choreographic composition.

At the end of the week, the performance ‘Getsemani’ has been presented with the intention of revealing the results of the workshop carried out throughout the week.

PHOTO: Antonio Pérez