Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) – Cairo – Egypt

Acciona Cultura

Phase 1 final adjustments and fine tuning


Within a 168,000 square meter building, the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo will house 100,000 works of art from Ancient Egypt, 25,000 of which have never been exhibited before.

Bonadei and Grassia VanCram has been working with ACCIONA Cultura for several years now on the design and installation of the lighting in various areas of this museum of colossal dimensions.

“In addition to the Grand Staircase, these interventions focus on: the Atrium, the place where visitors are welcomed by the imposing statue of Ramses; the Children’s Gallery, a space made up of a multitude of interactive elements, games and audiovisual resources didactic; and, finally, the jewel in the crown, the Gallery of Tutankhamun, for which ACCIONA has also carried out the three-dimensional scanning and photogrammetry of the king’s exterior funerary chamber, which will allow obtaining a digital model exact to the original that allows its physical reproduction to be displayed later in the museum. The Tutankhamun Gallery, the highlight of the visit, will house the pharaoh’s entire collection, some 4,000 objects. The cover of this space is a 122-meter-long bronze mesh scenic ceiling and 6 wide in a truncated conical shape, which hangs from the ceiling of the museum. The mesh symbolizes a starry sky that is accentuated with a faint lighting that moves like desert sand.”


DESIGN: Acciona Culture

COMMISSION from the Egyptian Ministry of Culture

TOTAL AREA: 12,000 m2

Source: Arquitectura Viva