Royal Atarazanas Museum of Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic

Avanzia Aplicaciones S.L.

adaptation of the lighting design, project execution and lighting supply

The Museum of the Atarazanas (MAR) in Santo Domingo pretends to be a reference in the museums of naval and underwater archeology of the whole world.

In its interior, divided into nine large thematic spaces, more than a thousand unique pieces that preserve the history of navigation between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries are preserved in good condition. The museum has spaces to narrate naval stories, spaces to show pieces of the collections and audiovisual pieces made using 2D animation techniques, and spaces where the public can interact through maps with multitouch technology in which real images are mixed with satellite images, and through which the wrecks can be located and discover all the information that is on them.

The museographic illumination method for Atarazanas Reales is based on a mixed system of LED luminaires, which includes general lighting, spot lighting systems with accent micro-projectors and long range projectors with suspended tracks, dynamic lighting and backlight systems.

DESIGN: Reina de Corazones

COMMISSIONED by Ministerio de Turismo de la República Dominicana

TOTAL AREA: 256 sqm

Further information: www.hoy.com