Exhibition of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tamschick Media+Space - Boris Micka Associates

lighting design and detailed project for contents

The design and content of the Pavilion is this result of a close collaboration between Boris Micka Associates and Tamschick Media+Space. The Pavilion aims to educate the visitors about the foreign relations between Saudi Arabia and the world, nurture the Saudi culture and encourage international cultural dialogue.

The exhibition is conceived with virtual exhibits, three-dimensional objects, documents and audiovisuals. The visit starts in the second floor with a chronological introduction, moving into several scenarios of the Saudi State and small areas that represent each of the Saudi Kings until today.

The first floor shows the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There is a central giant audiovisual sphere that presents a world connected by foreign relations. A multimedia showcase covers the entire perimeter creating semi-holographic images that merge with the exhibited objects.

DESIGN: Boris Micka

COMMISSIONED by Ministry’s Pavilion at Al-Jandria National Festival

TOTAL AREA: 2.000 sqm