Salón Colón – Town Hall – Sevilla

Vitel S.A.

lighting design and LED supply

Design made in the framework of the renovation of the Colon Hall in the City Council of Seville, to reinforce the lighting of the splendid coffered ceilings.

The room is located on the first floor of the Town Hall, also called the Bourbon lounge in allusion to the series of royal portraits that hang in it. This room was decorated in 1871, ending with the construction of the building, a remarkable example of Plateresque architecture. In it, the municipal plenary sessions are celebrated since 2008.

To enhance the illumination of the coffered ceiling, the three existing lamps of Elizabethan style with bohemian glass have been used as supports. As can be seen in the second photo, the lights have been placed so that they can not be seen from ground level, and with a very diffused light, the lighting of the coffered ceiling, which was previously in darkness, has been emphasized (check in the different pictures the difference with and without the current lights)

Photo: Isabel Delgado