Fashion and Costumes Museum – Madrid

Empty - Ministerio de Cultura

lighting design, set-up direction and material supply

On 23 January 2004, the Museum of Costume and Fashion, specially ordered by Royal Decree, is located in one of the building works of architects Jaime López of Aslain and Ángel Díaz Domínguez, (National Architecture Award 1969). The museum project establishes two concentric zones: the core space contains the exhibition of the endowment, and the perimeter ring, adjacent to the windows, becomes a space for complementary activities.

Lighting design faces a difficult starting situation, having to respect the characteristics of a protected building, whose aesthetic and functional uniqueness lies in the huge Windows, having a delicate exhibition background with important limitations in their exposure to light.

Currently, the Museum of Costume and Fashion is one of the most active of Spain regarding cultural diffusion, with many activities for all kind of public, and has become a center of cultural production of crucial relevance.

DESIGNED by Ginés Sánchez Hevia