MDU RE_NACIMIENTO Opening show – Monastery of Uclés – Cuenca

Fundación Fernando Nuñez – Monasterio de Uclés

lighting design and production

MDU RE_NACIMIENTO is born as one of the first projects that the Fernando Núñez Foundation, in collaboration with David Pérez. It´s aim is to give back its splendor to the magnificent Monastery of Uclés through a series of cultural proposals that will be developed along the next two years.

This initiative will allow visitors to discover all the work that is behind the design, production and realization processes that will transform spaces such as the cloister, the great hall or the church through audiovisual installations and a delicate lighting design.

Last September the opening show of the MDU RE_NACIMIENTO project was held, using the latest technology to rediscover and reinvent the different spaces of the Monastery. As on previous occasions, David Pérez has once again relied on Vancram to carry out the light design for this show full of magic, in which the games of lights and screens help to generate atmospheres that recover the invincible power of death.

Photo: Jesús Varillas ©jvarillas